Succeed live

Success (audiance, meetings, interaction, feedback ...) of your live only depends on its quality. Thus it is important to think about it before broadcast:

 * Sound : it is of course much more interesting to watch a live with the sound but then you have to control your tongue (unless it is occupied ...) and be careful what you say. Furthermore the quality of the microphone is critical : most webcam mics are omnidirectional, ie it captures all the sounds of the environment. In this case you must be attentive to background noise in order to not disturb your live and your audience. A directional microphone will improve the audio quality and substantially free yourself of environmental noises. In any case remember to adjust the sound level with the VU meter on the broadcast interface to avoid saturation or too low sound.

* The webcam or the camera : if you stage with friends, a person can do the "cameraman" and you shoot live dynamicly... but most of the time you will not have this luxury! you must therefore think at the decor and set the webcam to get the best view for your show. Tips : you can connect multiple webcams to your PC to prepare several different views and switch from a camera to another during your broadcast on the broadcast interface!

 * To stage ? On a site exhibitionist it is clear that you should divulge yourself or then I'm missing something:) but it is possible that you do not want you to show your face. You can then hide behind a mask (very exciting) or simply drop the camera! In all cases think to prepare your LIVE, to wake up the curiosity of your audience, to have somme suspense, or to keep some mystery or not! You can also choose a topic for discussion to interact with your audience or create interactive games ... Just let run your imagination and be creative!

 * To ensure a good atmosphere during your broadcast you can choose moderators for your chat (yes you can be hands busy).

If you want for your first broascast, you can advise us and our moderation team will keep an eye on !

More informations about moderation, visit our blog here and here!

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